Hi! We're Elizabeth & Josh. 

We first started capturing weddings back in 2018. Filming our first wedding was a truly amazing experience, and since then, we've never looked back. We love to travel, drink rum and see how many trips to the cinema we can fit into one week! ​

Our dream one day is to meet and capture couples all across the globe. Using film to tell the love stories of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We truly believe that capturing and showcasing each couple’s unique story is at the heart of creating a film that represents and celebrates their love.


We aim to be as discrete and unobtrusive as possible. Most of the time you and your guests won't even know you're being filmed!


There’s little to no direction from us, and no big rigs or light setups to distract or get in the way. We love the raw emotion, the unplanned moments and the genuine reactions, and our approach allows us to capture these unfiltered to create a film that truly reflects your wedding day and the people you share it with.

"They managed to capture the emotion and magic of the day in a way I never would have thought possible."